When searching for a domestic electrician you will want someone who is well trained and can undertake the work to a high and safe standard. It’s no good hiring someone who thinks they know a “bit about electricity”. The number of fires in the UK that are started as a result of unsafe electrical work is alarming. Data from the Electrical Safety First website shows that in 2011/2012, wiring, cabling and plugs in the home caused 2899 fires, 223 injuries and 10 deaths.

With that in mind if you are choosing a domestic electrician, here are 5 things to look for:

1. Capability
Check that the electrician has been trained and is registered with a recommended body. There is a fantastic site that you can use to check for a competent electrical person in the UK. This register was launched in Parliament on 2nd July 2014 to make it easier for people to check for a competent registered electrician. Their aims are to raise awareness of electrical safety. Using a registered competent electrician will ensure that they are licensed and have insurance.

  • Common Sense
    Rewiring your home will involve quite a lot of disruption over several days. Ask your electrician whether they will be able to ensure that you have power once they leave for the day. This may seem obvious, however your electrician may think that a reduced capacity may be adequate whilst you know that it won’t!
  • Pricing
    Choose an electrician who is experienced enough to understand how much time and effort is required to do the job. Jobs can over run and there might be unforeseen costs, but having a good communication with your electrician will make sure that this is never a surprise.
  • Recommendations
    Have they been referred by someone you know and trust? Or can you find online recommendations for their work? If not then it might be worth asking the electrician to provide some references to check.

At R D Nelmes we know that there is a lot of choice in Bristol for a domestic electrician. However, if you want a safe, affordable electrician then we can help. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.