You should always take electrical safety in the home very seriously. Outdated and old fuse boards will offer little to no protection against electrocution. Old units should be replaced with modern Consumer Units that are fitted with mini circuit breakers (MCB’s) and one or more residual current devices (RCDs).

Fuse boards are an essential piece of your electrical installation and there are several reasons why you might require a replacement:

  • Your fuse board is very old and has asbestos flash guards
  •  Your current fuse board does not have a RCD (residual current device). This is a sensitive safety device that switches off electricity automatically in a fraction of a second if it detects any electrical fault on your circuit, or the smallest of current changes.  This minimises the risk of electrical fires, electrocution or electrical shocks.
  • Your fuse board is more than 10 years old . Fuses can age through use, therefore if it is older than 10 years you should get it checked by a qualified electrician.

Do you think you need to replace your fuse box either at your business premise or home? We are able to carry out this work to the highest standard at your convenience. Contact us now for an electrician to come and provide a quote.