Not only are tangled wires difficult to manage, but they can also be dangerous and electrically unsafe if any of the live wires become exposed or if the wear and tear causes damage to the protective layers. This could ultimately lead to an increased risk of an electrical shock.

Here are our top 4 tips and tricks to help you keep all your cables in check:

  1. There are lots of good cable management kits online that come with cable clips, cable holders, storage boxes,  cable sleeves etc.
  2. Alternatively, there are lots of DIY tutorials online to help you make your own cable management tools like homemade charging stations and cable sleeves.
  3. By labelling your wires you can make finding them later a lot easier. By labelling the wires at both ends it will help you know what you’re unplugging so you don’t end up unplugging the wrong machine.
  4. If you are storing away your cables, toilet rolls can act as an easy DIY creation to help hold and organise all the wires in a tangle-free manner.