Are you looking to renovate your home in 2020? Maybe you are ready for a full home makeover?  Or perhaps you simply want to replace a few aged appliances. In any case, it can be a stressful job to carry out.

From arranging new wiring to identifying building plans, home renovation is certainly not for the faint-hearted, regardless of whether you choose to go down the DIY route, or decide to bring in a professional electrician.

Here are our top electrical safety tips when undertaking a home renovation.

  • If your home is very dated, you might come across the issue of there being too few outlets around the house. If you want to add new rooms to your house or add more appliances to existing rooms, make sure to get your electrician to install additional outlets to ensure that you won’t end up relying on using multiple extension cords for all your electrical needs.
  • It can be very easy to forget to factor in rewiring plans while renovating as most of the system is concealed behind walls. We advise you to work with a competent, experienced registered electrician to update any home wiring, and to avoid going down the DIY route for this task.
  • Carefully plan out the layout of your appliances with the aim in mind to not overloading any sockets. Make sure you are aware of the limits of your power outlets, and stay within them.

If you need help carrying out any electrical tasks when renovating your home then our team can help.