A new study has revealed that over a quarter of UK adults do not use registered electricians. In addition to that, one-third of people have hired an electrician solely on a recommendation, without checking any credentials.

It can sometimes be tricky to understand if your electrician is legitimate or not without knowing the correct things to ask. Below, we’ve put 4 key questions to ask your electrician.

Are they a registered member of one of the government-approved schemes?

A good place to start is to ask the electrician if they are a registered member of one of the government-approved schemes.

If you choose a registered electrician this will mean that you will have extra protection should something go wrong.

Do they have any references from previous clients?

If you are unsure about an electrician then ask them to provide references of previous (and happy) clients. Looking at their Google Reviews can also be a good indicator to measure. Ask these referees to explain the work they had done and how satisfied they were with the job done.

Do they have any paperwork?

If you are working with a tradesperson who is unwilling to show you evidence of their qualification and registration status then this could be a red flag.

Who else will be working with them in your home? 
When you hire a kitchen fitter or a builder to carry out work in your home, they will often need to bring in an electrician for certain work. But do you know if the electrician they have hired is up to the job? It’s easy to assume the tradesman in charge will check qualifications and registration. But don’t leave it to chance – ask to see proof of everyone’s ability yourself.

Follow these questions next time you look to hire an electrician.