Nearly every year, 50% of accidental fires in the UK are due to electricity. These fires are usually created by poor regulation of electrical safety checks, misuse of appliances and cheap faulty appliances. Most usually a cheap phone charger might mean you have a new threat in your house.

How to stay safe with electrical appliances

  • Make sure that you buy from a retailer you can trust and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing, using and maintaining electrical appliances.
  • Do not leave washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers running overnight or when you are out.
  • Do not overload washing machines or tumble dryers – take bulky items like duvets to the dry cleaners.
  • Do not place a fridge or freezer near cookers, radiators, or in direct sunlight, as it will have to work harder to maintain the required internal temperature.
  • Clean your oven and hob regularly and always clear spillages immediately to avoid a build-up of food debris and fat which is a fire risk.
  • Always register your electrical appliances so that the manufacturer can contact you if there’s a problem.